09/08/2012 Press release regarding verbal attack on Daily “Dan” journalist Lidija Nikčević

Human Rights Action (HRA) condemns the incident that took place, on 8 August, after the meeting of the local committee of the Socialist People’s Party of […]

12/ 07/ 2012 Judicial Council of Montenegro – Analysis of operation 2008-2012

Human Rights Action (HRA) presented today, at PR Centre, the report “Judicial Council of Montenegro – Analysis of operation (2008-2012)”. At the presentation spoke: authors of […]

22/ 06/ 2012 Monitoring report “Respect for Human Rights of Detainees and Prisoners in the Institution for Execution of Criminal Sanctions”

Summary of the report Table with recommendations Results of the opinion poll – Attitudes of Prisoners

28/ 05/ 2012 Twentieth Anniversary of the 1992 Montenegro Deportation Crime against Bosnian Muslim Refugees – Justice is Still Far Away

It will be twenty years this May since a crime against Bosnia-Herzegovina Moslem refugees was committed in Montenegro, a crime colloquially known as the “refugee deportation […]


Press release on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day – Download PDF document  

Children, write to the Ombudsman!

– Preuzmite strip (PDF format) – Čitajte strip online – Uputstvo za korišćenje stripa u nastavi građanskog vaspitanja The first episode of the comic book in […]

20/ 04/ 2012 Access to information from the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro on the status of investigation of 12 cases of human rights violations

HRA press release on the obtained information – dokument Press release Comparative presentation of questions submitted to the Supreme State Prosecutor and replies received Description of […]

18/ 04/ 2012 Survey ”Attitudes on Torture“

The public opinion survey in Montenegro ”Attitudes on Torture“ was carried out in cooperation with the Ipsos Strategic Marketing agency within the project ”Monitoring Respect for […]

06/04/2012 Press release regarding the situation in the Public Institution “Komanski most”

Regarding the situation in “Komanski most” Institution HRA executive director on behalf of NGO monitoring team – consisting, besides HRA, of Centre for Civic Education, Centre […]

01/04/2012 Human Rights Action on the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Montenegro

The proposed amendments continue to provide solutions that are contrary to recommendations of the Venice Commission and do not ensure the independence of the Constitutional Court […]

28/3/2012 Request for information from the Supreme State Prosecutor (SSP) on action taken to investigate reports on maltreatment in the Maternity Ward of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro

Following a series of articles published in the begining of March 2012 in Dnevne novine, where women who gave birth in the maternity ward of the […]

21/ 03/ 2012 Recommendations of Expert Working Group for Preparation of Legal Framework Analysis related to LGBT Rights

Deputy-prime minister and minister of justice Duško Marković founded the Expert Working group for Preparation of Legal Framework Analysis related to LGBT Rights to carry out […]