NGOs mark 30 years of unpunished war crimes of deportation of Bosnian-Herzegovinian refugees


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The beginning of the trial of Slobodan Peković, born Ćurčić, accused for commiting war crime against civilians, before the Higher Court in Podgorica, has been postponed to 7 September, 2022, when the presentation of the defense is expected. The trial was postponed due to justified absence of one of three members of Special Council of Judges.

Human Rights Action will be monitoring the criminal proceeding.

Peković has been charged, as a member of the Bosnian Serb Army, with murdering two Bosniak civilians and committing the rape of one person in the Foča municipality in 1992.

This is the first trial in Montenegro for sexual violence committed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The victim is granted the status of protected witness. Her attorney, lawyer Dalibor Tomović, asked the court to conduct the hearing via video link. For the same act of sexual violence against the protected witness, proceedings have already been conducted before the Court of BiH against Jasko Gazdić, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for that act and other war crimes.

In that procedure, the protected witness decisively accused for rape Gazdić and Slobodan Peković (whose last name was Ćurčić at the time). The Court of BiH fully gave confidence to the witness because she convincingly, precisely and clearly described the manner of committing the crime, which was further confirmed by medical documentation.

Peković is also charged with murdering Mujo and Emina Šabanović by shooting them during an attack on the village of Hum in the Foca municipality in early June 1992. Their bodies were burned in the house he had allegedly set on fire after the murder.

During the hearing before the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, Pekovic denied guilt. He is currently in custody due to the fear of asconding.

The Special Council of Judges in this case consists of Judge Nada Rabrenović, as President and Judges Zoran Radović and Goran Šćepanović as members. The state prosecutor is Tanja Čolan Deretić, who was delegated on work in the Special State Prosecutor’s Office.