STATE REPRESSION ON FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – HRA’s reaction to endangering freedom of expression by arresting and punishing citizens for flagging and posting on Facebook

Human Rights Action (HRA) warns against frequent application of restrictive provisions of the Criminal Code and Law on Public Order and Peace in Montenegro contrary to […]

Towards justice for the victims of war crimes

  The project “Towards Justice for the Victims of War Crimes” was supported by the United Kingdom Government, within the Regional War Crimes Project (RWC) implemented […]

Voice Your Rights! – Expanding Space for Free Assemblies

     The project is funded by the European Union through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) for […]

Initiative for Constitutional Review of Criminal Offense Causing Panic and Disorder criminalizing False News

Human Rights Action (HRA) submitted to the Constitutional Court of Montenegro today the initiative to review the constitutionality of Article 398 of the Criminal Code of […]

A comic book on the rights of the child

           NGO Human Rights Action (HRA) is implementing a project within the regional initiative “Equitable Access to Justice for Children in the West Balkans States”, which […]

Implementation of ‘‘Causing Panic and Disorder’’ Criminal Offense and Incarceration of Journalists

Incarceration of journalists for publishing content which does not instigate violence, is not hate speech and does not negate holocaust and similar crimes is against the […]