05/ 10/ 2012 In Memoriam – Vojin Dimitrijević

04/ 10/ 2012 Support for the initiative for the review of the constitutionality of the Misdemeanor Act
05/ 10/ 2012 Press release regarding the incident against journalists

05/ 10/ 2012 In Memoriam – Vojin Dimitrijević

Proffesor Vojin Dimitrijevic

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with deep sorrow that we pay tribute to a great man, Professor Vojin Dimitrijević, the Director of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and our beloved friend.

We were privileged to know Vojin and to learn from him.

If it weren’t for Vojin, many of our thoughts and actions would never have existed. He will remain our inspiration as long as we live.

This June, Vojin gave a lecture at the opening workshop of our human rights education programme for Montenegrin editors and journalists in Podgorica, organised by Human Rights Action (HRA) with the support of the British Embassy. He authorised the transcript of his lecture several days before he died and we warmly recommend it for your perusal.

We hope that you will read it and that it will inspire you as well.

May our dear friend and teacher rest in peace.


Tea Gorjanc Prelević, HRA Director
Dragan Prelević, lawyer, HRA founder


The transcript of professor Dimitrijević’s lecture in English language may be downloaded here.
Biography of Professor Vojin Dimitrijević