24/2/2014 Appeal to the Constitutional Court

Bearing in mind that the Constitutional Court has held two sessions in its new composition, and during one of them decided on as many as 146 […]

Human Rights Action team

  Tea Gorjanc-Prelević, executive director Martina Markolović, social worker Suzana Onyshchuk,, legal advisor Bojana Malović, legal advisor Milica Bulatović, legal advisor Elizabeta Mrnjačević, political scientist Ivana […]

19/2/2014 On detention and prosecution of participants of protest held in Podgorica on 15 February 2014

Human Rights Action (HRA) is concerned for respect of the rule of law due to the decision of the State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica to criminally […]


Human Rights Action wants to inform the public that the Council of Council of Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG) has accepted a complaint submitted by HRA director, […]

13/2/2014 On the latest attack on Vijesti

Human Rights Action (HRA) condemns the latest arson of daily Vijesti vehicles, which represents yet another linked attempt to intimidate the owners and employees of this […]

11/2/2014 Reaction of 13 NGOs on the press release of the Organizing Committe of the “Word, Image and Enemy” Conference

Regarding the statement of the organizing committee of the conference “Word, Image and the Enemy”, followed by feature within “Minut, dva” show on TV Pink M […]

6/2/2014 Promotion of Comic book “Troubles with Roki and Other Stories on Children’s Rights” – teaching aid for school subject Civic Education

We are pleased to announce that the promotion of the comic book “Troubles with Roki and other stories about children’s rights” will be held on Friday, […]

4/2/2014 Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for Chapter 23 incomprehensible and unverifiable

Based on the fact that the Action Plan for Chapter 23 is a document that concerns all citizens of Montenegro, the current approach to reporting prevents […]

3/2/2014 On new hate speech graffiti on the facade of the elementary school “Drago Milović” in Tivat

Photo: Siniša Lauković, Vijesti Human Rights Action (HRA) condemns the nationalist, Nazi and vulgar messages written on the facade of “Drago Milović” elementary school in Tivat, […]

3/2/2014 Discussion on the initiative to provide increased criminal law protection of journalists

Human Rights Action and the Media Trade Union of Montenegro organized today a round table on the initiative to provide increased criminal law protection of journalists […]