24/2/2014 Appeal to the Constitutional Court

Human Rights Action team
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24/2/2014 Appeal to the Constitutional Court

Bearing in mind that the Constitutional Court has held two sessions in its new composition, and during one of them decided on as many as 146 cases, NGO Human Rights Action (HRA) has submitted on Friday, 21 February 2014, a letter to the President of the Constitutional Court of Montenegro, Desanka Lopičić, in which we appealed:

1. that the Constitutional Court should first decide on the constitutionality of the termination of mandate of judges of the previous composition, and thus on the constitutionality of their own election, on which proceedings were initiated by the Ombudsman;

2. to publish a public schedule of the decision making process of the Constitutional Court, particularly in relation to cases in which decisions are pending for years;

3. to make the operation of the Constitutional Court in its new composition more transparent.

Letter submitted to the Constitutional Court (in Montenegrin).