30/10/2013 On the arrest of Beranselo locals – breakdown of justice

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30/10/2013 On the arrest of Beranselo locals – breakdown of justice

On the occasion of first arrests of Beranselo locals, who were sentenced to fines for the misdemeanor “Obstructing government officials from performing their duties”, six of which were later sentenced to prison, Human Rights Action expresses its disappointment with the decision of president Filip Vujanović not to initiate the procedure for pardon of 32 persons of Beranselo Municipality – Tomović Đorđe, Tomović Svetislav, Bogavac Milan, Šekularac Tihomir, Bubanja Budimir, Đukić Marko, Šćekić Radomir, Simonović Nikola, Premović Mladen, Lončar Slobodan, Duraković Zarem, Bojović Ivan, Đurišić Velimir, Dobrašinović Vukajle, Rovčanin Saša, Bogavac Zoran, Vuković Rade, Lončar Jovan, Pešić Vuksan, Pešić Danica, Pešić Slobodan, Tomović Tijana, Lončar Snežana, Drobnjak Jovanka, Bugarin Lenka, Drobnjak Jelena, Bogavac Tihomir, Mišković Radoje, Bojović Ilija, Tmušić Veša, Tomović Đorđije and Đukić Marko.

In a state where the following remains unpunished:

– obvious war crimes,

– collective beating of prisoners in Remand prison by the police, for which the European Commission urged to be punished long ago,

– abuse of residents of the Public Institution “Komanski most”, established by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture,

– murders and attacks on journalists due to the freedom of expression;

– recognized misuse of public funds for purposes of political parties;

– death threats, stoning and spitting on citizens who advocate for human rights and police officers who protect them,

 we consider that punishing the citizens of Beranselo, who defended the constitutional order and the environment, to be another obvious indicator of the lack of rule of law and justice.

We especially protest because, although 52 non-governmental organizations urged the President of Montenegro to advocate for a peaceful settlement of the dispute, and, in consultation with the local government of Berane Municipality, to provide immediate interim solution for temporary disposal of waste that would be in accordance with the Law on Waste Management, none of this was done.

We hope that the legal representatives of Beranselo locals will succeed in achieving justice in this case before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.