02/08/2013 Railway Transport of Montenegro, engineer Milisav Dragojević and HRA
10/09/2013 HRA reaction to statements by the Public Policy Institute Managing Board Chairman

12/08/2013 On the new attempt to intimidate journalist Tufik Softić

Human Rights Action strongly condemns the latest attempt to intimidate journalist Tufik Softić by activating an explosive device in front of his family house.

We expect that the police will seriously investigate this incident unlike the case of beating of Softić in 2007, for which the offender has not yet been found, nor have all clues that Softić pointed out thoroughly examined.

It is unacceptable for the State to allow that criminals take revenge on journalists who expose them in public interest. If this latest attack on Softić is not investigated and punished, the freedom of expression in Montenegro will remain an illusion, and any doubt in the dominance of organized crime in Montenegro will be legitimate.