29/ 01/ 2013 Food Bank made donation to the shelter for the homeless in Podgorica

Human Rights Action would like to thank the Food Bank Foundation on provided assistance to the temporary shelter for the homeless, established by HRA on 1 […]

24/ 01/ 2013 On the occasion of indictment of Police officer for threats against journalist Olivera Lakić

Human Rights Action finds encouraging that the State Prosecutor, despite the pressure, indicted the Police Directorate (PD) officer Milenko Mića Rabrenović for threats against journalist Olivera […]

22/ 01/ 2013 Montenegrin Red Cross Donation to the Homeless Shelter

We wish to express our gratitude to the Red Cross of Montenegro for providing help to a temporary Homeless Shelter established by the Human Rights Action […]

18/ 01/ 2013 Letter to the Constitutional Committee

HRA sent a letter, before the session scheduled for 21 January 2013, to all members of the Constitutional Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, striving to […]