28/ 12/ 2012 Regarding Agreement with the Ministry on establishment of a short-term shelter for the homeless

28/ 12/ 2012 Sale of HRA calendars for collecting aid for the homeless
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28/ 12/ 2012 Regarding Agreement with the Ministry on establishment of a short-term shelter for the homeless

HRA is satisfied with the achieved Agreement with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, according to which during a few months transitional period the Ministry will bear the majority of costs for a short-term shelter for the homeless which will be established in Podgorica by HRA. The Agreement was reached in a short time and HRA is pleased that the new Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Predrag Bošković, showed understanding for urgently addressing the issue of temporary accommodation of people living on the streets.

The majority of the operational costs of the shelter, which will be established for a three- month period, will be covered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare while HRA will finance the work of the shelter’s coordinator and a person who will maintain hygiene and serve food. Coordinator of the shelter will be Silvana Miranović, who previously managed a shelter for the homeless of NGO “Put nade”.

HRA especially wants to thank to the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, which yesterday, provided a pleasant surprise with its decision to grant one-time aid for covering and reimbursing costs for the accommodation of the homeless, starting from 12 to 31 December i.e. until the premises of the house, which will serve as a temporary shelter, are equipped.  

We hope that the new Law on Social and Child Protection will ensure adequate definition of the category homeless as well as permanent responsibility of the public administration and local government to maintain a shelter.

The human right to adequate housing means primarily, care for the homeless, people living without a roof over their heads. However, this also implies that all people should live in a manner that meets at least the minimum requirements for an adequate life. UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has defined it as “the right of everyone to live somewhere in a security, peace and dignity,” and notes that it includes legal security of tenure, alternative accommodation in the case of forced eviction, adequate housing infrastructure (availability of energy for cooking, heating and lighting, sanitation, washing facilities, etc.), habitability, availability of premises for people with special needs, etc. It also notes that states should establish housing subsidies for all those unable to obtain affordable housing. We expect that the new Law on Social Housing will precisely arrange this important issue and provide a plan according to which all people in Montenegro, in phases and according to the degree of housing endangerment, will be enabled to live in accordance with the minimum standards for the respect of this human right.