31/07/2013 On the third first-instance judgement in case of the war crime in camp “Morinj”

On 31 July 2013, the High Court in Podgorica sentenced again the four accused perpetrators (Ivo Menzalin, Spiro Lučić, Boro Gligić, Ivo Gojnić) to identical, low […]

26/07/2013 Press release of the Coalition 23 on the death threats against Zdravko Cimbaljević

We strongly condemn the death threats made against Zdravko Cimbaljević in any manner. Each of these threats constitutes a criminal offense for which individual responsibility must […]

24/07/2013 Pride Parade in Budva

HELLO FREE PEOPLE! On behalf of Human Rights Action, I greet all free people in Montenegro! Free of hate, free of fear, free of ignorance. All […]

23/07/2013 On the spreading of hate and threats against organizers of tomorrow’s Pride Parade in Budva

Human Rights Action (HRA) strongly condemns the incitement to hatred and violence against the organizers and participants of tomorrow’s gathering for the protection of human rights […]

21/07/2013 Assessment of Draft Amendments to the Constitution of Montenegro of 10 July 2013

The proposed amendments to the Constitution represent an opportunity for the de-politicization of the judiciary, State Prosecutor’s Office and Constitutional Court, as the Parliament will no […]

9/07/2013 Request for access to information in relation to limitation of freedom of expression

Human Rights Action (HRA) requested today access to information on the legal basis for the limitation of the freedom of expression in cases of the group […]

8/07/2013 On the conclusions of the Internal Control Department of the Ministry of the Interior on police conduct during the arrest of NGO MANS activists

Executive Director of Human Rights Action, Ms Tea Gorjanc Prelević, submitted a letter today to the Minister of the Interior, Raško Konjević, as a response to […]

7/07/2013 Conclusions of the Internal Control Department of the Ministry of the Interior on police conduct during the arrest of NGO MANS activists

Conclusions are available in Montenegrin here.

7/07/2013 On the threats to journalist of weekly Monitor, Milena Perović-Korać

Human Rights Action condemns the latest threats to a journalist in Montenegro, directly related to the practice of profession, addressed to journalist of weekly Monitor, Milena […]

1/07/2013 U.S. Embassy Awards Grants to Criminal Justice Civil Society Organizations

U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro Sue K. Brown presented the letter on the awarded grant for HRA project “Improving the practice of ordering detention” to Ms Tea […]